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Netsurf Communications started in the year 2000, believes in making your own path and setting your destination which eventually becomes a tribute in itself. Netsurf is foreseeing fifty percent year on year growth with a talent pool of 120 dedicated employees operating from Pune, where the company started its journey, and today has also set up 40 company outlets in Major cities including Mumbai, Aurangabad, Nasik, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Surat to name a few.

Netsurf has diversified in various sectors from Agriculture to Personal care to Health care to Mobile and currently having initiated in the lifestyle sector. Netsurf today is running successful with world class products in its package which results in 99% satisfaction from its customers and distributors.

Netsurf Network, a leading network marketing company, today with a 10 Lakh distributor base, is making a mark for itself in the networking industry.

Netsurf believes in quality and utmost customer satisfaction, has tied up with companies having state of art manufacturing facilities with GMP Certification in Himachal Pradesh and Pune.

Netsurf Communications has strengthened its base with qualitative products and by giving valuable services to its users. It also gives an opportunity to earn for his/ her living in an authentic way. Netsurf believes in bring about change in the lives of individuals by generating employment which is the need of the hour today.

Netsurf looks forward to giving a valuable benefit in every aspect of life, be it farming, cosmetics, mobile or health and it also has open its hands for reducing the poverty graph which lies at the peak in India.

Companies under the Netsurf Group includes “Netsurf Network”, its new venture “Netsurf Entertainment”, Maverick Mobile Solutions Pvt Ltd” “Shades Lifestyle India Pvt.Ltd.” and “Ajay Bio- Tech (I) Ltd.”

Ajay Bio-Tech (I) Ltd, an associate of Netsurf Group, a leading Bio Organic Company, manufactures a host of eco – friendly products for the use of agriculture and had been recognized and certified by State/Central Government and other noble institutions and organizations.